Introduction: In today’s Shenzhen office furniture market, more and more consumers are interested in the customization of office furniture. Customized office furniture can be more reasonably arranged in size and color on the spot, which greatly improves the aesthetics of office space and office furniture. The utilization rate of space has improved the practicability of office furniture to a certain extent. In the customized office furniture project in Shenzhen, the customized production of screens plays an important role. Shenzhen office furniture screen customization can be very rich, it helps us to divide space to meet corporate office needs.


Office furniture screen partition wall


There are many screen combination designs for Shenzhen office furniture. The screen can be combined with the desk to become our common screen desk design. The screen office furniture is highly sensitive and suitable for different office furniture combinations. needs, compose suitable space, deal with member activity and collaboration between teams, and provide a better office environment for enterprises.


The main function of the office furniture screen is that it is used to partition more space. It can separate a little private space in the same environment, so that everyone will not be greatly affected in the process of office work, which greatly improves the office efficiency of employees. It is difficult for traditional desks to do this, and because there is no screen, the wires and network cables on the desk will be exposed, which looks very messy and affects the aesthetics of the office. And through the partition of the screen, the wires and network cables are hidden, keeping the desk clean and tidy, and greatly improving the overall aesthetics of the office.


When we design screen desks, we will also take into account the practicality of the company, such as inferring staffing from company projects, and infer the appropriate combination of screen desks for each project. , four seats, etc. In theory, as long as the space is long enough to arrange enough positions to work together, such a design is more flexible and practical.


The design of office furniture screens is not only about screen desks. In many cases, office furniture screens also need to have some high partitions. Some can use file cabinets instead of screens for partitions, while others need to be directly partitioned by screens. In general, in order to make better use of the space, it is very necessary to separate large and small spaces. For example, glass partition walls are frequently used in modern offices, and mobile screens are used in flexible offices. It also makes a lot of sense, and the design is more flexible.

Post time: Jun-15-2022