It is reported that more and more business owners are now obsessed with choosing custom-made office furniture to configure their office environment. After all, many office sites in first-tier cities such as Shenzhen are irregular, and some offices have multiple columns on site, which affects the quality of office furniture. Normal configuration, based on these considerations, many business owners have to choose a custom-made way to take these factors into account, make the office space more beautiful, and choose office furniture solutions according to local conditions to create a high-quality office space. However, for business owners who purchase custom-made office furniture for the first time, there is a relatively large risk in customization. How to avoid risks in Shenzhen office furniture customization has become a topic of competition among business owners.


1. Physical factories, Shenzhen office furniture custom projects must choose offline physical factories to cooperate in selecting partners. Do not find an office furniture company in the store to cooperate with it, and do not find an office that is a factory on the Internet. Furniture companies will cooperate with them, because these probably do not have their own production factories, and the products are purchased in other people’s factories. These office furniture companies have lower operating costs and are more prone to risks.


2. Shenzhen office furniture customization should not be based on price. If Shenzhen office furniture customization is mainly based on price in the stage of selecting suppliers, it is easy to select some office furniture companies with poor credit. For example, it is wrong to sell dog meat. For example, if you clearly require solid wood plywood as the main material, they will replace it with high-density board without permission, and you can’t tell from the appearance, and some use E1 environmental protection grade board instead of E0 grade board. In general, it’s just shoddy charging where you don’t pay attention, thereby lowering the price.


3. Make more comparisons. When choosing a custom office furniture manufacturer, you should find a few more companies for comparison, not only to compare prices, but also to compare their services and product technical processes. This way, more comparisons and selection can greatly reduce the existence of the customization process. risks of.


4. Leave enough time. The Shenzhen office furniture custom project cannot make the time too tight. You must reserve enough time for the office furniture factory to carry out custom production. It is the so-called slow work and careful work. Various quality problems are prone to occur. After all, the operation of each factory has its own regulations. If it is suddenly accelerated, the entire production customization process will change, and quality problems are more likely to occur at this time.

Post time: Jun-15-2022