When purchasing office furniture, if the demand is not very large, we can slowly go to the Furniture Street, go to the shopping mall to carefully select, shop around, finally determine where to buy, and then let the store deliver the goods to the door for installation. How to choose office furniture and what should we pay attention to?

Office furniture manufacturer

1. We should choose manufacturers with good reputation

When selecting an office furniture factory, in the early stage, we need to collect the manufacturer’s information, make comparison and negotiate. Search the manufacturer information on the internet, and investigate the scale, environment and other factors of the factory on the spot.

2. We should see the quality inspection report of the sample

Looking at the quality inspection report, generally speaking, it is assumed that the products of regular businesses must have been inspected by the relevant departments of the country. This inspection is still relatively strict. This can also discuss some problems. This statement generally has the monitoring data of formaldehyde emission. Of course, if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, you should not buy it. There are other aspects. If the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, you should not buy it.

3. We can smell properly

Many products will be fully prepared when they are sold. Now it doesn’t cost much to make a fake statement. Just make a fake statement to meet the environmental protection standards, but the smell can’t be changed. When I went to see the furniture, I smelled and asked, if the smell was very pungent, I would not buy it. This should be a sign of poor quality inspection.

4. The contract must be signed and the invoice issued

When a purchase agreement is reached, the contract must be signed. This contract can protect the interests of both merchants and consumers. In case of any dispute between the two parties, it is a well-founded method to act according to the contract.

Post time: Mar-14-2023