The office furniture market is a dynamic and ever-changing market. For many enterprise purchases, especially the purchase of new companies, the problem often encountered is that in front of a large number of office furniture manufacturers in the market, they will face a problem. Difficult to choose, do not know which office furniture is better? Let’s analyze it for you!

1. Look at the brand: For large enterprises or groups, their brand awareness is definitely much more than that of small and medium-sized enterprises, so if you are a large enterprise, you may wish to learn more about the major brands in the office furniture industry. The quality of brand furniture is guaranteed, and the design is relatively good, generally speaking, it can meet its own needs. If it is a small and medium-sized enterprise, then you must consider your own positioning and procurement budget according to your own situation. If you still want to choose a brand, you can make a big quotation about the brand. For example, what is the budget of a first-tier brand, what is the budget of a second-tier brand, etc. After comprehensive consideration, choose what you can afford. This choice is undoubtedly a good choice, which saves a lot of time and does not care about the price. .


2. Look at the materials: one is the decoration style, and the other is closely related to the price and quality. For example, for a conference table, a conference table of the same size and specification, whether it is made of solid wood or a board, the price difference is very large, but why do some people choose solid wood, while others choose board? This is because the sense of quality created by different materials is different, and the cost is also different. If you choose a better material, you have to accept a higher price. On the contrary, if the price is lower, the material will be much lower. Good office furniture is never stingy in terms of materials, usually from the perspective of customers, providing high-quality office furniture products.


3. Look at the layout: Before purchasing, you should measure the size and area of ​​your own office, and then think about the interior layout and feng shui pattern according to the company’s culture, operation mode and business needs. Make the size of the furniture consistent with the area and height of the office to avoid the office furniture failing to meet the needs after it is deployed.


4. Look at the culture: Office furniture is not a consumable item, and the principle of “rather lacking rather than excessive” should be adhered to when purchasing. The office can’t be full, and it should be purchased according to the needs of use, and the area of ​​office furniture should generally not exceed 50% of the indoor area. Styles, styles and tones should be uniform and well matched, with variations in the details. The selection of office furniture should pay attention to “color and taste”, which must be matched with the company’s culture and business nature.

Post time: May-24-2022