Office furniture is made of many materials, including boards and steel frames. There is also the painting process. How should we identify the dazzling materials in the market? Today, let’s focus on the difference between plate type and painting process

1. Different cost

Painted office furniture is more expensive than ordinary panel office furniture in terms of cost, because panel office furniture does not need to be made by painting process, and the cycle will be shorter, so the price will be slightly cheaper than painted office furniture.

2. The quality is different

Painted office furniture is more classy and stylish. Generally, painted office furniture will be placed in the boss’s office. If you choose panel office furniture, it will appear inferior. Therefore, general panel office furniture is mostly used in the general staff area.

3. Material and material are different

The panel office furniture is a surface plate with finish paint, and the surface does not need to be treated; The surface of the office furniture is painted with wood veneer or a piece of paper, and then sprayed with a layer of paint

Post time: Dec-13-2022