The continuous improvement of the work schedule, the continuous improvement of management tools and working methods, the introduction of the operation console to the command center for centralized management of equipment and lines, provides a powerful help for the overall environment and work efficiency of the monitoring room, then the command center console What office furniture to choose in the monitoring room?

It is recommended to use the office furniture as shown in the figure. Many people call it the monitoring console, the dispatching console. The material of the office furniture is painted, steel and wood. The console is different from the previous office furniture. It is designed on the basis of the office furniture. A tool for intelligent management, the console centrally manages the placement of equipment and materials, and the console is equipped with host storage cabinets, line routing holes, display placement tables, display brackets, etc., which are effective and reasonable management equipment.

The operating console can effectively plan the line, there are many equipment in the monitoring room, and the cumbersome wiring is a problem. The hidden wire groove of the operating console is an ingenious design, so that the wiring is charmingly hidden in the operating console, and the wiring of the line cannot be seen from the outside, which is effective. Improve the overall environment of the monitoring room.

The console is not only a management tool, but also an expert in improving work comfort. When the console is customized, it will be designed according to the spatial layout of the monitoring room and the overall environment. From the perspective of ergonomics, it is designed according to the comfort of human vision. A qualified console not only improves the overall environment of the monitoring room, but also improves the comfort of work.

Post time: Jun-21-2022