In the process of buying furniture, many people struggle between custom office furniture and finished office furniture. For many people, custom office furniture seems to be a kind of high-end office furniture. More and more purchasing friends will choose custom office furniture when purchasing office space, but some companies still choose finished office furniture in order to save trouble. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of customized office furniture and finished office furniture:

First, the advantages of custom office furniture:

1. Generally, there are special personnel to measure the office space. The size of office furniture can be adjusted according to the office space of the enterprise, making full use of the space of each place;

2. You can define colors, materials, accessories, etc. ;

3. The structure and function of office furniture can be matched and adjusted according to the characteristics of the industry, office habits and groups, which can give full play to the functionality of office furniture and show a special corporate culture;

Second, the disadvantages of custom office furniture:

It cannot be mass-produced, the production cycle is long, the production speed is slow, and the delivery time is slow. It is not suitable for companies that urgently need office furniture. Secondly, customized modern office furniture is a customized product with strong personalization. The functional maturity is less than that of finished office furniture.

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3. Advantages of finished office furniture:

1. The structure, size and style are reasonable and can be mass-produced;

2. The style is rich and changeable; suitable for public use;

3. A fixed production line has been formed, the quantity is sufficient, and the production and delivery are fast;

4. Exquisite craftsmanship details;

Fourth, the disadvantages of finished office furniture:

It cannot fully meet the decoration and space requirements of each enterprise and company, and cannot be well combined with the space; many small office buildings now have strict requirements on the size of office furniture, and a certain amount of furniture is arranged in a limited space. In addition, finished office furniture cannot be adjusted according to the working habits and characteristics of each industry.

Post time: Sep-07-2022