Now the coexistence of the epidemic with us has been regarded as a normal state. The impact of the epidemic has indeed brought a very big blow to the global economy. Coupled with the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war, it can be said that the world is mired in inflation. Domestic Although the epidemic prevention and control measures are relatively well done, the domestic market economy is not booming. More and more office furniture manufacturers are unable to make timely adjustments to adapt to the impact of the epidemic after the demand has decreased. Losses are thus eliminated. Under the epidemic environment, Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers can find their positioning and focus on selling points to better serve the enterprises and gain market favor.


Shenzhen office furniture manufacturer design project


If Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers do not have a clear positioning, they will lack core values ​​and have no advantages in the market, so it is difficult to win the competition with other peers. In the past, due to the relatively good development of the market economy, the demand is also growing steadily. Under the circumstances, the competition pressure of office furniture manufacturers is relatively small, and they can survive in the market through some accumulated network resources, but their ability to resist risks is very poor. Now, with the impact of the epidemic, these factories are basically unable to continue to survive. .


Why do Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers find the right “positioning” to develop? Positioning is proposed by Trout, not only in the United States, but also in many domestic companies using this theory to manage enterprises. Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers are now facing In such a dilemma, if you can’t find your own clear market positioning, you will waste your resources on some channel providers. When the market is good, diversified development can bring more market share and profits to Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers. When the market is sluggish, when the pressure of competition is high, Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers need to be vertical and focused.


Positioning is such a management theory. The current market environment is just the focus theory that is suitable for positioning to enhance the competitiveness of Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers. For example, when your office chair is a brand advantage, you can temporarily put down other products at this time. Investment in the category, concentrate resources on the office chair category, and through online and offline brand operation and product promotion, let the office chair category get more sales opportunities, so that the company will get more sales than you are now. better development opportunities.

Post time: Jun-09-2022